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Anxiety and TMJ from the perspective of TCM/Traditional Chinese Medicine

  Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder is a condition that affects the jaw joint and muscles controlling jaw movement. It often manifests as jaw pain, difficulty chewing, and a clicking or locking of the jaw. Anxiety is a significant factor that can exacerbate TMJ symptoms, and in many cases, anxiety itself can be a direct cause of TMJ. From the viewpoint of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the connection between anxiety and TMJ is profound, and understanding this link can be crucial for effective treatment. Anxiety and TMJ: The Connection Anxiety can significantly contribute to the development and worsening of TMJ. Chronic stress and anxiety often lead to muscle tension, particularly in the jaw, neck, and shoulders. This tension can result in habits such as teeth grinding and jaw clenching, both of which are major contributors to TMJ disorders. Additionally, anxiety can heighten the perception of pain, making TMJ symptoms more pronounced. TMJ as an Antidepressant Side Effect  

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