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Building Healthy Weight - BMI/Body Mass Index

  In a realm where fleeting weight loss trends dominate, the enduring wisdom of Oriental medicine illuminates a holistic approach to cultivating well-being.  Rooted in ancient philosophies and practices, this perspective transcends the mere physicality of weight management, delving into the interconnected realms of body, mind, and spirit. As we learn anything there is to know about weight management, we go across the rich texture of TCM and other therapeutic systems as we discover on this adventure.  In the middle of these antiquated methods, we also recognize the value of modern measurements as a comprehensive route towards long-term health and vitality, connecting traditional knowledge with contemporary understanding.           What can be your ideal weight?   First, determine your overall health. Obesity/overweight can bring hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and vice versa. Meanwhile, a growing number of women and youngsters are getting underweight, which cause

Acupuncturist's suggestion - Keep Your Body Warm!

                    "You are welcomed to  BDYi Acupuncture, NYC. 646-926-0410 " Keep your body warm!  It is one of the most crucial things for good health and beauty. It is common knowlege that a drop in body temperature causes a decline in circulatory and immune system performance. Average Body Temperature The average body temperature of 37C/98.6F was first established by the German physician Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich. Based on the multiple armpit measurements of 25,000 patients, he stated in 1852 that an adult's normal body temperature is between 36.2C an 37.5C. This figure has been the industry norm every since. If the temperature is lower or higher than this standard, the body's mechanisms diverge from normal operation.  Later, a study led by Standford professor Julie Parsonnet asserted that a person's body temperature drops by 0.05F every 10 years. She explains that this decline is due to a decrease in metabolic rate and adds that environmental changes

An Acupuncturist's Perspective on the Connection Between Health and Beauty

An old saying states that losing money is equivalent to losing a little, losing honor is like losing half, and losing health is equivalent to losing everything.  Healthy What does it mean to be healthy? While Western medicine defines health as a state of being free from disease or injury, traditional Oriental medicine determines it as a state of being in harmony with nature and humans, body and mind, Qi and blood, etc. A healthy appearance is one that exudes vitality and reflects good physical health. In other words, when you're healthy, you have more energy for your activities, you feel more self-assured, and your physical appearance radiates energetic beauty. This is one of main objectives in traditional Oriental/ Chinese medicine. Beauty  In this discussion of beauty, I don't mean the glamorized representations of beauty that the media markets as a product. These commodified representations of beauty make each person's distinctive and heterogenous beauty into something t